Synanthedon bibionipennis

Interaction between strawberry crown moth and entomopathogenic nematodes by Ganpati Jagdale

Strawberry crown moth and entomopathogenic nematodes- Nematode information In a laboratory assay, when entomopathogenic nematodes including Steinernema carpocapsae and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora  are in direct contact, the can cause over 94% mortality of strawberry crown moth (Synanthedon bibionipennis) larvae  but when applied in the field, these nematodes are not in direct contact with insects therefore, they can cause up to 51% insect mortality (Bruck et al., 2008).

Bruck, D.J., Edwards, D.L. and Donahue, K.M.  2008.   Susceptibility of the strawberry crown moth (Lepidoptera : Sesiidae) to entomopathogenic nematodes. Journal of Economic Entomology 101: 251-255.