Nematodeinformation.com publishes this blog for growers, organic gardeners, home owners, greenhouse owners, golf course superintends, landscapers and pest control agencies to know more about biological control agents (beneficial nematodes and beneficial insects) that are currently used for the control of different plant pests including insects, plant-parasitic nematodes, slugs and snails. 

Beneficial nematodes include Steinernematid (Steinernema spp.) and Heterorhabditid (Heterorhabdtis spp.) nematodes whereas beneficial insects include parasites (e.g. Trichopoda pennipes) and predators (e.g. Ladybird beetles).  

Our main objective is to provide a wealth of information on new research and development in the field of biological control and advice to anyone who is interested in this topic. We are hoping that the readers of this blog will adopt environmentally safe and life protective ways to manage their pest problem without toxic chemical pesticides.

Ganpat Jagdale