Heterorhabditis beicherriana

A new entomopathogenic Heterorhabdtid nematode from China by Ganpati Jagdale

Heterorhabditid Nematode: Heterorhabditis beicherriana

Based on both morphological and molecular characteristics an entomopathogenic nematode isolated from an orchard located near Beijing, China was considered as a new species Heterorhabditid nematode and named as Heterorhabditis beicherriana (Li et al., 2012). For more information on molecular technique read following literature.


Li, X.Y., Liu, Q.Z., Nermut, J., Puza, V. and Mracek, Z. 2012. Heterorhabditis beicherriana n. sp (Nematoda: Heterorhabditidae), a new entomopathogenic nematode from the Shunyi district of Beijing, China. Zootaxa  Issue: 3569: 25-40.